Michael: Recruitment

Michael Boston and Bama Romello

Size is a factor when it comes to making judgments about people, and Michael has experienced that harsh reality since the time he was young. He’s a large person, with a hulking figure that can easily intimidate people. However, inside, he is as sweet and tender as a young man can be, hoping only to open his heart to the world and share the love he feels inside for the people around him. Unfortunately, his stature has prevented that from happening over and over again. In school, kids called him giant, behemoth, and freak because of how big he was. Michael could never get over the hurt that caused him and his self-image. He became an outcast, watching the rest of his classmates play from the corners of the recess field, wishing that he didn’t have his growth spurt, that he could be normal like everyone else. And as he got older, he carried that perspective with him. He could never seem to blend in. Whether it was at his job or in college, Michael always seemed to find a way to convince himself he was less than. So, when Bama discovers him, he is absolutely sure that Michael is the perfect candidate to join the boys at the House of the Black Godz. Michael couldn’t be happier. It’s the first time someone has accepted him right out of the gate, and he is excited to prove that he can be a contributing member to whatever group will take him. Bama is on his side, so he teaches the boy how to properly please the men who are being so kind to him. He leads Michael to a long black dildo and pushes his head onto it so that it digs deep into his throat as he learns to give a proper blowjob. Then, Romello licks the boy’s asshole and prepares him for the deep penetration that is to follow. Finally, he stuffs the young man’s hole with hard cock and welcomes him into the family at the House of the Black Godz. Michael has finally found a home.

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