Michael: Induction

Michael Boston and Floyd Johnson

Michael’s rise in the House of the Black Godz has been unprecedented. It’s been clear from the very beginning that the strong young man is special, but he has only become more sought after as the weeks have passed. The other boys in the House can’t keep their eyes off him, and more importantly, the Black Godz have shown again and again that they favor the boy extensively. In some ways, it’s caused a bit of jealousy, but the boys can’t blame the Godz. They too can see just how special Michael is. With his broad shoulders, his meaty package, and his charming smile, he’s got it all. Floyd Johnson has not been immune to the boy’s charms either. He was one of the first to set eyes on the young man, and he’s been with him ever since with a guiding hand. He knows how much pressure Michael faces as he becomes the premiere boy in the House. Michael will have to remain strong in order to keep his head. Through the leadership of the Black Godz, he’ll be shown the way forward, to become the shining example he’s meant to be. In his ceremonial garb, Floyd approaches the handsome twunk gingerly. He looks forward to their communion, almost as much as Michael does. The boy dips his fingers in oil and massages Floyd’s body, running his fingertips tenderly over his rippling muscles. Then, he offers his tight hole to the Black God, letting him slide inside with intense passion. Every thrust brings him closer to ecstasy, and as he closes his eyes to experience the deep pleasure emanating from the Black God’s cock, he understands his place in the House of the Black Godz. His journey has only begun, but everyday reveals another chapter of his sexual awakening.

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