Maxx: Induction

Maxx Monroe and Bama Romello

Maxx is one the more sensitive boys in the House of the Black Godz. He grew up with hippie parents in a small town in the middle of America, and he’s always had a flower child sensibility. He feels what nature is feeling. When it rains, he’s sad. When it’s sunny, he’s ecstatic. This is the life of an ultra-sensitive young man growing up in a rural part of the country with little to no human interaction. But this isolation and sensitivity has become part of a problem for Maxx. To make it in this world, Maxx has discovered that you must be hard. He’s tried to earn a living in many different ways, working in parks, gardening, becoming a conservationist, but while he tries to get as far away from people as possible, he always seems to have to deal with them. There’s always some boss hovering over his head making sure that he’s busting his ass at all hours of the day. It’s too much for the boy to take, and after a while, he has a mental breakdown. That’s when the Black Godz discovered him. Bama Romello takes Maxx in and shows him the teachings of the Black Godz, giving him the strength he needs to make it. All he has to do is have confidence in himself and remain true to what he’s learned. Today, he learns by spreading oil over Bama’s body. He bends over and offers his tight asshole to the Black God’s tongue, gasping as warmth overtakes him. Then, he feels Bama plunge his veiny boner deep inside his hungry asshole. Maxx’s lessons come in many forms.

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