Michael: Body Worship

Michael Boston and Floyd Johnson

Word of Michael Boston’s incredible body has spread throughout the House of the Black Godz and even beyond. Many clamor to have a shot at him. However, the purity of the boys is of extreme priority, and the Black Godz would never let anyone from outside take advantage of young Michael. The boy is too innocent and naive - he must be protected. Today, Michael is further indoctrinated through the Body Worship ceremony. His mentor, Floyd Johnson, has been tasked with teaching the boy how to properly service the body of a Black God. There is no ego involved in this task, it’s all about servitude and surrender. Floyd is sure that Michael will be a natural, and as the ritual begins, he is not disappointed. He approaches the boy in his ceremonial cape, bending the young man over on the Altar to explore his pulsing hole. He wraps his fingers around Michael’s meaty boner, feeling it throb in the palm of his hand. As the anticipation builds, Floyd knows it’s almost time to escalate the proceedings. He climbs on the altar and allows Michael to suck his big cock. The men sixty-nine passionately, feeling each other get harder by the second. Finally, Floyd dips his girthy shaft into Michael’s aching butthole, stroking slowly at first before picking up speed and passion. Michael moans and squirms as the man’s cock stretches his inexperienced hole. But the deeper Floyd’s dick plunges into him, the more he feels like exploding. The pleasure is immense, so much so that Michael is unsure of what is going on. He’s never felt this way before, and he is sure he is about to reach a higher plane as Floyd squirts a sticky load of cum deep in his gut.

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