Maxx: Recruitment

Maxx Monroe and Floyd Johnson

To join the House of the Black Godz, Maxx Monroe has a lot of unlearning to do. He hit rock bottom after dropping out of college. Or at least that’s what he likes to tell people. In reality, he was kicked out as a result of falling in with a “bad crowd.” This bad crowd was his fraternity, a group of hard partying, druggies who liked to throw ragers on the weekend and invite every girl on campus to their House. Maxx partook just as much as anyone else, but it was when campus police caught wind of the hard-partying atmosphere that things took a turn. Maxx’s room was raided, his stash discovered, and his college career put to an end. That alone wasn’t enough to put Maxx on the streets, where the Black Godz eventually found him. It was his inability to tell his parents about what had happened. He tried to keep it a secret for months. Then months turned into years. After a while, his tuition money ran out, and yet he still could not bring himself to admit what had happened. Even when his parents found out where their tuition money had been going - he wouldn’t come clean. So, they disowned him, told him never to come home, and to figure out life for himself. Now that Floyd has taken an interest in him, it seems Maxx may finally be able to start that new life he’s been waiting for. But in order to begin again, he must first shed all his past. His understanding of living in a House similar to the House of the Black Godz was destructive and immature. His fraternity only resembled his new home in appearance. And to drill that truth into Maxx’s psyche, Floyd must first teach him to service the Black Godz. He guides the boy’s mouth onto a long black dildo, shoving it down his throat as the boy learns to suck cock. Then, he pummels Maxx’s asshole while he jerks himself to orgasm. Welcome to the family, Maxx…

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