Maxx: Audit

Maxx Monroe and Floyd Johnson

Everything in the House of the Black Godz is completely new to Maxx, and that’s totally fine by him. Anything to get him away from his old life of repression and silence. Growing up in a highly religious household to a military man and his devout wife, it made for very stale dinners and very quiet evenings. He never even had an inkling of rebellion in him because he was so scared of what would happen if he stepped out of line. His friends could tell there was something off about him at school, and after a while, they started to stay away from him. Maxx became an outcast, a weirdo that even the weirdos would not accept. He was starkly alone and that was how Floyd found him - alone on the street with no one and nothing going for him. It all changed after their first conversation. Maxx was taken into the House of the Black Godz no questions asked and shown that he too deserves the support of people who love and support him. It has rewritten Maxx’s programming and changed his behavior completely. No longer does he crave the privacy of solitude, get nervous around others, and dream of his quiet bedroom away from the world. Rather, he relishes his time spent with the Black Godz and especially Floyd. Today, he feels that he’s turned a corner as Floyd audits him for the first time, showing him the physical affection he has so sorely lacked his whole life. His skin tingles under Floyd’s touch as he makes his way down to the root of his cock and feels it stiffen. Maxx opens his mouth to taste Floyd’s big dick, swirling his tongue around his mushroom tip and savoring the flavor. Then, he sits on the strong man’s rod and bounces until he teases out a creamy load of cum.

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