Marcus: Reward

Devin Trez and Marcus Labronx

Marcus has come far since he was known as the “rich boy” in the house. At first, he was soft-spoken and well-mannered to a fault, letting people walk all over him. He was so afraid to be considered arrogant that he went the opposite way altogether, becoming a pushover and a punching bag. Marcus’s torture seemed endless as a young man. It was only after joining the Black Godz that he found a place of acceptance. And even though people looked at him as the “rich boy,” he was treated with respect and love. Perhaps that is what allowed him to come out of his shell. For months, Marcus has been trying on his new interpersonal skills for size. He has suddenly become capable of communicating his thoughts and feelings without fear that they will be trampled on or dismissed unfairly. The Black Godz, especially his mentor Devin, have taught him well. He holds his head up high and makes sure he has good posture as he faces each day. There is still an innate shyness about the boy, but that is not a trait to be discouraged in the eyes of the Black Godz. Individuality remains key, even when giving up remnants of ones past in order to serve selflessly. It is only when these traits become detrimental that they must be eliminated. Now that Marcus has learned that he does not always have to be the perfect, overly-eager people please, he has ironically become more adept at pleasing the Godz than ever. His gentleness is a huge turn-on, which is why Devin has chosen to give Marcus a Reward of the flesh. He meets the boy for his Reward ceremony, and delivers the sensual victory himself. He strips down and lets the boy run his mouth over his crotch. He feeds the boy his thick cock and Marcus looks up at amazement as the Black God pops his boner in and out of his mouth over and over. The boy is eager to discover what Marcus has planned for him next, and soon finds out as the strong man spits into his asshole and readies him for a bareback pounding. He slips his cock into the kid’s tight hole, ramming him raw and making his toes curl in wild pleasure. Then, he spurts a big load from the tip of his big dick, letting the boy enjoy his sticky surprise.

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