Marcus: Body Worship

Devin Trez , Marcus Labronx and Derek Cline

Marcus has only gotten stronger as his stay in the House of the Black Godz continues. The softness of his upbringing, the pampered lap of luxury, has all but left the boy entirely. His immersion into tough love has taught him to fend for himself in the big city and has given him a new life and a new identity. In some ways, he has become even more street savvy than the boys who surround him purely because of his endless curiosity and desire to learn. He wants to become the perfect disciple to the Black Godz, and the only way to do so is to study their every move furiously. The Black Godz have taken notice of Marcus’s thirst for knowledge and willingness to go out in the field and try out his newly-gained skillset. They can see that if given the opportunity, Marcus will go to the ends of the earth for them, and they are pleased by his undying loyalty. He is such a worthy and noble servant, that the Black Godz wonder what to do with him next. Could the boy become a Black God himself one day? In the meantime, Derek has shown less progress since entering the House. Known as a wild child, he was eager to prove that even though he was willing to accept help, he would still maintain his fierce individuality, even if that meant breaking some rules along the way. But his attitude has only held him back as he struggles to come to grips with his identity. He realizes that he cannot simply keep defining himself by tearing down whatever environment he is in - especially when the environment is so supportive and loving. Derek must learn a new way to express himself. Of course, Devin is well-attuned to both these boys and their needs. He knows every nuance of their personalities, and is the perfect member of the Black Godz to bring these two together and help them evolve. He meets them for a private session, creating a union between the two boys that neither of them saw coming. The Black Godz believe that pairing up boys with seemingly disparate trajectories is a surefire way to strengthen both of them. It is about complementing, not competing. He lines the boys up and commands them to worship his body. They do, taking turns pleasuring his huge dick with their mouths. Then, they present their young assholes to the Black God and he penetrates them slowly with his thick fingers. As his cock grows rock hard, he spitroasts Derek with Marcus, teaching the boy how to take a dick in both his holes at the same time. After the orgasmic lesson, Derek strokes his dick and then squirts a glistening stream of cum onto his own stomach.

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