Joe Ex: Reward

Joe Ex and Liam Cyber

As Joe Ex becomes more and more confident, he wants more and more attention. Gone are the days when kids used to bully him. Now he’s a strong boy with a strong mind and he wants nothing but the best all of the time. Some believe his head has gotten too big. Those would be his companions in the House of the Black Godz. They see Joe as a threat, somebody to shrink from when he walks into the room. But Joe means them no harm. Unless they get in his way of course. He will not settle for second best anymore. He wants to be the most loyal and revered servant that the Godz have ever seen. Liam Cyber believes Joe has what it takes, though he has been cautioned not to play favorites. The chiseled God has taken a special liking for Joe since the day they met. The boy sparks an old memory in Liam, one from his adolescence. A boy in his class with close cut hair. Just one look was all it took for him to feel the connection. But a second never came. Liam was left wondering whether he imagined that strange, sexual attraction. To this day he hopes he will one day see that boy again. That is why every time he looks at little Joe, a lustful fire ignites within him. That’s alright, Liam thinks as he meets with Joe. With a servant like this, who needs some ancient teenage crush. This boy will do everything I ask, follow my every whim, cherish every corner of my silky skin. I am a God in this House and he is my loyal worshipper. Liam becomes drunk on Joe’s attention, gaining strength with every touch and every warm embrace. His desire flourishes. Joe hopes to provide Liam with all the encouragement he needs. He wants his asshole drilled and his hair pulled and throat filled. He wants to feel every inch of the strong Black God’s cock as it plunges deep into his tight hole. He can’t forget what it’s like to have his rim stretched by the strapping man, to have his hips grabbed and his face caressed. Joe’s craving is only satisfied as Liam thrusts inside his sweet bubble butt. Then, finally he enjoys the sticky reward that comes at climax. Joe has done it again. He is truly one of the top boys in the House of the Black Godz.

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