Inaki: Audit

Lawrence Portland and Inaki

Inaki is a military brat. He grew up around the world, moving from country to country whenever his father was reassigned to a new post. And while the upside of this was that the boy got to absorb a myriad of rich cultures from every corner of the globe, the drawback was his inability to lay down roots and form a stable friend group. Beyond his immediate family, the only child was left more or less alone. After a while, he stopped trying to make friends because he knew that they’d eventually be ripped away. This created a deep sense of loneliness and alienation for the boy. He never felt like he truly belonged anywhere his parents set up camp. At school, he kept to himself, engaging in his work without lifting his head to see what any of the other kids were doing. Even the work itself would change drastically from place to place, meaning it was hard to keep his education on any sort of steady ground. Everything was variable, everything was foreign, and it all made Inaki feel less and less like he was worthy of time or attention. By the time Inaki finally ended up in New York City, he was ready for a new life. He had just turned eighteen years old and was coming to the end of his time in grade school. What was next for him, he was not sure. He couldn’t imagine trying to plan into the future. He could barely see what lay in front of him tomorrow. He even considered joining the army just so he could adopt some semblance of structure in his life. It was all too much for him to handle on his own, but his only coping mechanism was to push people away. The Catch-22 made his head spin. Then, one day, he was approached by Lawrence of the Black Godz. He was enamored with the man’s strength and stature. He seemed so solid, like nothing could force him to do anything he didn’t want to do. The wind couldn’t knock him down. In fact, he could redirect the wind altogether if he wanted to. Inaki couldn’t understand the source of Lawrence’e strength, but he wanted to be around it. So, he joined the House of the Black Godz, accepting their guidance and mentorship. Today, Inaki faces his first audit. The Black Godz must ensure that he is living up to all the expectations placed on any member of the House. They handcuff him to the ceiling and Lawrence comes to meet him in a dimly lit room. He guides the boy down to his knees and stuffs his thick cock in the kid’s mouth. Then the boy sits on Lawrence’s girthy rod, bouncing as he feels his hole stretch. The pleasure is intense as he finally jerks himself to a sticky climax, and when the session is over, both Lawrence and Inaki are satisfied.

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