Darron: Recruitment

Devin Trez and Darron Bluu

Young Darron has heard rumors of the grace of the Black Godz. He runs in circles that are filled with lost, wayward boys who do not know who to turn to in life. When he was young, he ran away from home and befriended many young men who had no family to return to. Some of them fell to self-destruction on their journeys. Some of them disappeared altogether. But some, including his best friend, found a guiding light. Like a bright star in the sky that indicates true North suddenly, these boys rise from their horrible circumstances and become strong, outspoken members of society. They go on to become successful businessmen, lawyers, doctors, but most importantly, sexual servants to a secret group of powerful black men. All he really knows of this group is that they call themselves the Black Godz. He is not exactly sure how to reach this elite group. Since his best friend joined them, he completely cut off contact with his old life. He stopped speaking to Darron altogether, choosing to focus all of his energies on his newfound family. The Black Godz became his world. But Darron does not give up easily. He tracks his friend and finds the house where he is living. Then, he stakes out the place until he has the chance to corner his old buddy. But while he confronts his friend, a strong-looking man strides out of the building and pulls the boy away. It’s Black God, Devin Trez. He instructs the servant to re-enter the House of the Black Godz and let him deal with the intruder. Darron is completely caught off guard. But again, he does not give up easily. He tells Devin that he knows all about the Black Godz and what they do, and if they do not allow him to enter the House, he will tell everyone what goes on inside. Outwardly, Devin appears nonplussed, but internally, he is impressed with Darron’s fortitude. He realizes this boy would make a great servant to the Black Godz. He invites the boy inside and begins the first step of his indoctrination. He leads Darron through the Recruitment process, examining his tight, fit body and inspecting every corner of his perfect physique. Then, he slides the long black dildo down his voracious throat. The boy gags as he tries to keep his composure, hoping to please Devin’s keen eye. Then, he uses his new skills to pleasure Devin’s tasty member!

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