Darron: Audit

Devin Trez and Darron Bluu

In order to break away from his past, Darron is willing to take whatever advice he can get. He has seeked help before. When he was younger he went to a therapist for years to no avail. Often times the therapist would suggest that he try bizarre rituals, and even more inscrutable physical activities that would supposedly lead to catharsis. But even as Darron followed his suggestions to a tee, nothing seemed to help. He could never forget the demons lurking at the edges of his memory. These scarring visions are so deep, he could never even speak a word of what caused them. But since joining the House of the Black Godz, Darron has slowly been able to relinquish his past. Not completely, but more than he has been able to his whole life. He can go several hours without thinking of the traumatic experiences lining his early adulthood. He can laugh, he can play, he can enjoy himself. He can even experience pain without thinking that he deserves it. His twisted logic is in the process of repair, and he cannot be more grateful to his mentors, the noble and strong Black Godz. Anything they tell him to try in his journey towards recovery, he will do. Today, Darron’s mentor, Devin, wants to break the final links to his painful past. According to him, and the core tenets of the Black Godz, the only way to do so is with pain. Physical discipline will be the final key to unlocking Darron’s bright future. Of course, Darron is ready to dive into the ritual, so he lays across Devin’s lap and prepares himself for the trial. Devin raises his firm hand and brings it down swiftly on Darron’s ass cheeks, spanking him raw as the boy moans and cries in pain. He thanks Devin for every blow, and then braces himself for yet another. Once his body has been primed, Darron opens his mouth and chokes on Devin’s meaty dick. Then, they move onto the most cleansing portion of the Audit. Devin plunges his veiny dick deep inside Darron’s tight boy hole, making the boy squeal and spasm in pain and pleasure. The boy can hardly handle the cock digging deeper and deeper inside, but as he closes his eyes and experiences the intense sensation, he can feel his past slipping into the distance. Once again, the Black Godz know best.

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