Dakota: Body Worship

Dakota Lovell and Tyjon

Since he first set eyes on young Dakota, Tyjon has known the boy would be the perfect fit as a mentee. The kid has a bright face and a sense of wonder that makes him the perfect cureall to the dark realities of the world. Tyjon is all too familiar with those. Having come from a long battle with poverty and homelessness, joining the Black Godz literally saved the man’s life. Now, he looks to return the gift of charity and wellbeing to the community by guiding young men in the House of the Black Godz. Dakota is his most recent mentee, and Tyjon has grown rather fond of the boy. Today, Dakota is in for a treat as he is asked to oil up Tyjon’s body and serve as his assistant. He is not sure what it entails, but he is willing to follow any command the muscular man gives him. Tyjon has been nothing but a positive light within the boy’s life. He has worked to protect, nurture, and fill him with love and a sense of purpose. It has certainly worked, and the longer Dakota lives in the House of the Black Godz, the more confidence he gains. He oils the man’s rippled figure as his cock starts to press against the inside of his pants. Tyjon wants to feel his every crevice worshipped, so he bends over and has the boy lick his quivering asshole gently. He feeds the boy his thick cock and then bends him over and slides it inside raw. As he strokes, the kid calls out in euphoria, but nobody can hear him. He is overwhelmed by the pleasurable sensations, and as Tyjon reaches around and jerks his sensitive penis, he ejaculates a copious load of semen. Just as expected, Dakota has assisted perfectly.

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