Bar: Reward

Bar Addison and Lawrence Portland

Lawrence was one of the first people in Bar’s life to truly believe in him. Sure, he has always had talent and a pretty face to go with it, but it seems that people were always trying to get behind him just to take advantage of his natural gifts. When he was a young model, coming up on the New York circuit, people wanted to drain him of every bit of zest and energy he had. It was almost as though he was just a vessel carrying energy that could be used up, commercialized, and then forgotten. Eventually, that took a toll on young Bar’s psyche, and he ended up out on the streets and completely lost. But when Lawrence finally stumbled upon him, Bar was close to the edge. He had almost given up on letting people in and was very close to going back to his small town in the middle of nowhere to return to his parent’s house. But Lawrence knows that Bar’s fate is grand, and that even though he is in a dark place, he is meant for great things. All he needs is someone to show him some true care and attention. Someone who isn’t out to reap the benefits of his many talents but there to help him live up to his full potential. Since he moved into the House of the Black Godz, Bar has shown a lot of improvement. He has tackled every task that has been handed to him with grace and enthusiasm. He is one of the best cocksuckers amongst the group of recruits, and he knows how to please each and every Black God according to his individual needs and preferences. But more than any of the Black Godz, Bar is most concerned with Lawrence’s pleasure. The man who has shown him so much grace and hospitality deserves only the best of physical gifts. To show just how grateful he is for all the affection Lawrence has offered him, Bar is afforded the rare opportunity to express himself through words. He showers the Black God in his love, telling him how much the opportunity to live in the House has meant to him. It has literally turned his life around, and he will be forever indebted to Lawrence and the rest of the Godz. Lawrence understands, and embraces the boy. He peels the boy’s shirt off, revealing his chiseled abs and huge pecs. Then, he gets down on his knees and wraps his lips around the young man’s thick cock. He gives the boy a worshipping blowjob and then feeds him his own throbbing dick. Finally, he enters the boy from behind, fucking him hard as he squirms orgasmically. After a sexy bareback cock ride, Bar jerks himself to climax, coating Lawrence in his glistening cum.

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