Penn: Reward

Penn and Liam Cyber

Penn is the perfect example of the old saying, don’t judge a book by its cover. For his whole life, people have thought all kinds of inaccurate things about him simply because of his size. When he was in first grade, he experienced a huge growth spurt that put him at the front of his class in terms of height. And while height is certainly seen as a gift in adulthood, as a child, it can create a sense of distance that is hard to overcome. Suddenly, you are the giant, the tall one, the freak, all because of something you have no control over. This was Penn’s experience, and it was one that followed him up through his teens. While his height did become an asset of sorts when he hit high school, he was still judged for his physical appearance. Something about being a large presence intimidated people, and no matter how he tried to make himself smaller, he simply couldn’t. People thought he was mean or tough or angry, just because they felt slightly threatened by such a large guy. But he was none of those things. He was soft and warm and tender inside, but nobody could get close enough to see that. After a while, he stopped trying to show it. He wanted people to stay away so that he would never have to confront his vulnerabilities. Soon, he began to lean into the misguided perceptions. He wanted to be perceived as the tough guy just so that he could keep to himself and never open up to anyone. He was living a lie. But then one day, his facade was exposed. He was confronted in the parking lot by a bully trying to earn his stripes in front of the whole school. He wanted to fight one of the tough kids, so he picked Penn out of the crowd. But Penn wasn’t tough at all. Instead of fighting, he turned around and ran. Nobody ever forgot the day Penn ran away, especially Penn. He made a vow to never see anyone from his high school ever again after that experience. So, he dropped out and found himself on the streets. Luckily, Liam Cyber and the Black Godz found him and took him in. Today, he wants to demonstrate how grateful he is for their guidance by worshipping his mentor’s perfectly sculpted body. He kisses the man’s rigid boner, filling his mouth with his warmth. Then, he spreads his legs as Liam licks and slurps his tight asshole, getting it ready for deep penetration. The Black God slides his massive cock into the boy’s sweet hole and strokes passionately. Then, they share a loving kiss as the young man bounces on Liam’s girthy pole. Finally, Liam sprays a creamy load of cum, and Penn gasps in utter pleasure. His size has become his strength.

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