Michael: Audit

Michael Boston and Bama Romello

It’s been a pleasant stay at the House of the Black Godz for Michael. He’s adjusted so well that he’s already considered part of the Family. He’s one of the most popular boys the House has ever seen, a favorite amongst the Godz and his companions alike. It’s almost become overwhelming how in-demand the boy is. He hardly knows how to balance his time with attention coming from so many angles. So, whenever he gets a moment of solace, he appreciates it. The slow trickle of time eases his mind, and taking a moment to breathe his one of Michael’s greatest respites. Bama knows this about Michael, and he hopes to show the boy just how much he cares by allowing him to have that moment of peace. He shows the boy a ceremonial chamber and approaches him in silence. His affection for the boy is so strong that he is sure it will emanate through the halls of the entire House without him having to spell it out verbally. Michael appreciates the space. He has become so accustomed to the Godz and the other boys bombarding his senses with pleasure that it’s become a diminishing return. With Bama, Michael doesn’t feel like he needs to explain anything. It’s all laid out in the reflected movement between the two. They are in perfect sync as Bama runs his hands over Michael’s hulking body. His hole quivers in anticipation of the strong man’s thick cock, and when Bama finally bends the boy over and spanks his ass red, Michael can feel the searing passion soak through his bones. Then, Bama slides his fat dick into the boy’s butt and strokes as they both grunt in delirious pleasure. Michael has always looked at Bama as a mentor, but he is beginning to look at him as a lover, too.

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