Matie: Body Worship

Eric Ford and Matie

When Matie first entered the House of the Black Godz, he was one of the more sensitive, vulnerable boys. It didn’t take much for him to break down into tears are run away into another room to lock the door and hide. Nobody ever quite understood what happened to him that made him act this way. He would never reveal his secrets, and once that became clear, the Black Godz did everything in their power to make sure his privacy was respected. Matie could feel that they were creating a safe space for him and was highly appreciative. This respect for Matie’s harrowing past has bred a sense of loyalty. He would never betray the Black Godz, even though he has been betrayed so many times before. It is the first time he has felt a sense of trust among a group of people. Even his peers in the House seem to truly respect him and value his friendship. It has been the most rewarding experience of Matie’s life by far, and he would do anything to repay the Black Godz for all they have done for him. However, the Black Godz do not accept any kind of traditional forms or repayment. They don’t mentor struggling young men for any kind of recognition or monetary reward. They simply do it because they want to better the lives of these kids. They see potential and want to help realize it. It only makes sense that these Godz would form strong physical and emotional relationships with the young men they mentor. So, as Matie prepares to meet with his mentor Eric Ford again, he is ready to pull out all the stops. Anything he can do to show the man just how much he cares. Slender and strong Eric enters the room with his eyes deadset on the boy. Matie feels a wave of anticipation run up his spine as the man looks him over. His body is ready to be touched and his mind is open to suggestion. He wants to be dominated, to be told what to do by his favorite Black God. He wants to give himself up entirely, he considers it an honor and a privilege in fact. Only the luckiest boys can have experiences like these, and Matie is one of them. He opens his mouth for Eric’s thick cock, dripping saliva all over the head of his dick as he flicks it with his tongue. Then, he licks the man’s balls from behind, digging his face into his asshole before giving his body up completely. Finally, Eric enters the boy from behind, leaning into him as he sinks his raw boner deep into the young man’s aching hole. And as Eric shoots his cum into Matie’s young hole, the boy has proven his loyalty once again.

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