Derek: Reward

Derek Cline and Max Konnor

Black God Max Konnor is similar to a shark. When he walks into the room, everyone takes note of the power that emanates from his presence. But it is not simply his physicality that gives him influence, but his forceful mind. He is known as one of the deepest thinkers amongst the Black Godz, the man who charts the groups course as they move forward with their mentorship of wayward boys. Essentially, he and a few select others are in charge of all strategy when it comes to recruiting and training new mentees. Thus, people often refer to him as the brain behind the whole operation. Derek knows all about Max’s role in the Black Godz, but he tries his hardest not to be intimidated by him. He has a scheduled session with the man today, and it will be his first time seeing the man undress. Nothing can prepare him for what it will be like to stand naked in a room with a man like Max Konnor. He hopes that he can handle the pressure. Especially after what he has heard from so many of the other boys in the House. Apparently, Max’s physique is absolutely tip-top, and his cock is gargantuan. When the time finally comes, Derek perks up to show respect to the man as he walks into the room. Usually, Derek is a wild child, rebellious to the core. In the past, he wouldn’t put on such a respectful show for anyone. But one glance in Max’s direction is enough to let him know, decorum matters here. And if he shows the proper respect, he will reap the proper reward - a chance to please one of the ultimate Black Godz. It is a dream that Derek has been waiting a long time to realize. Max takes off his clothes and reveals his sculpture-esque body. Just as the rumors foretold, the man is absolutely ripped. His muscles make Derek salivate as he strips down to his underwear. Then, he reveals his girthy shaft, and Derek is floored. He opens his mouth as wide as he can as the Black God feeds him a helping of thick cock. The boy chokes and slobbers, offering a worshipping blowjob to the lustful man. Then, he gets on his hands and knees and grunts as Max enters his asshole from behind. The God strokes inside the boy raw and then spurts a gooey load of cum from the tip of his rod. Derek has certainly reaped his reward.

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