Darron: Induction

Darron Bluu and Tyjon

While Darron has been an ideal guest at the House of the Black Godz, it is imperative that none of the boys ever become too comfortable. In the past, several young men have started strong and then become complacent, returning to their old ways subtly and without warning. There is no allowance for relapse to old lifestyles, so the boys must be constantly kept on their toes. Nobody knows this better than Tyjon. He has been called to shock Darron back into obedience, and he is excited to handle the boy roughly. It is not necessarily a bad thing to experience this aggression firsthand. It can actually be a rather enlightening experience for a boy living amongst the Black Godz. The first rule of the Induction ceremony is that it must be conducted with a mask on. This is to symbolize the distance between the boys and the Black Godz. The boys are not faced with the familiar features of the mentors they know and love. Rather they are faced with expressionless, cold distance that cannot be penetrated. No amount of pleading or reasoning can help them escape their need for a reality check. And so Tyjon dons the mask and proceeds to carry out the Induction ceremony with Darron. He grabs the boy and pulls him onto the altar, using strength that he would otherwise never demonstrate. Darron is immediately turned on by this aggressive approach, and his cock gets stiff right away. Tyjon offers his own asshole up, letting Darron fuck him raw. He rides the boy relentlessly and then switches roles, topping the overwhelmed servant with his thick cock. He rams Darron until the boy cannot hold in his passion any longer. With his Induction, Darron has become a deeper part of the family, and his bonds have been solidified for life.

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