Darron: Body Worship

Devin Trez and Darron Bluu

In the past, the Black Godz have tended towards minimalism. They don’t like to express their dominance in material ways. They refrain from donning ceremonial garb in front of the boys, and they like to keep their rituals to themselves. But in the special case of Darron Bluu, an exception has to be made. The young man has proven to be a near perfect servant to the Black Godz thus far. He keeps himself well-groomed, his body in tip-top shape, and always displays a worshipping attitude. There is no hubris in the boy’s makeup, and his humility comes through in spades. The boy is a joy to have in the House. Seeing that young Darron is not one to let special honors get to his head, Black God, Devin, decides to reveal an outfit usually reserved for the most private of ceremonies. He dons a red cape and shows off his body to the boy, commanding the servant to worship him like the God he is. Darron is more than happy to do whatever the man commands, and he dips his fingers in the ceremonial oil to cover the strong adonis’s body. He then gets on his knees and lets Devin have full access to his every orifice. Darron sucks the man’s thick cock, gagging as he opens his throat and lets it slide inside. Then, Devin reaches down and grabs the boy’s dick firmly. Darron will do anything to please the God, so he turns around and spreads his cheeks for the man to penetrate his tight hole. Devin slams his rod inside, stroking relentlessly as the boy cries out in pleasure. Then, the boy climbs on top and bounces until he jerks himself into orgasmic euphoria. Darron has done everything he can to worship his mentor’s chiseled figure. Now, Devin will pass on word to the rest of the Black Godz that Darron remains ever faithful and reverent.

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